A Gentleman’s Choice-Cartier Tank MC

Cartier Tank Series brakes traditional rules since it was created in 1917, and reflects its bearer’s unique taste and charm. With its modern and special look, simple lines, and natural angles and geometric features, it keeps going popular in the world. After the Tank series was launched, there are many follow-up, such as Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Am¬®¬¶ricaine, Tank Americaine andTank Anglaise. In 2013, Tank family embraced another new member: Tank MC, one that is specially designed for men.

Cartier Tank MC HPi00634
This Tank MC HPi00634 skeleton watch is made of white gold. The gem-inserting case integrates with the skeleton movements, and the watch itself never lose its masculine style because of diamonds; instead, it looks luxurious. Tank MC HPi00634 does not want to highlight its skeleton movement. Here through the sapphire see-through case back, you will see the running of 9611 MC movement; particularly, the running of rotor.

Cartier Tank MC HPI00623
Cartier never limit its passions on the limited watches or jewelries, so the result is Cartier Tank MC series are full of beautiful, shining diamonds, in the dial, case, lug. Luxury enough. Trapezoid-cut diamonds makes watches solid and graceful as well. The white gold case enhances that luxury. Besides, Cartier Tank MC HPI00623 has a 1904 AU MC movement, the same movement that we could see on the above two Tank series. By the way, the water-resistance reaches 30 meters. The new small second dial on Tank MC satisfy a small group of fans who requires much more than a simple dial, while the skeleton or diamonds shape their styles. Different materials, like stainless steel, white gold or rose gold, and different color, like white, black, and chocolate, offers more choices for us. All in all, Tank MC, the graceful and vigorous one, should be the first choice of a gentleman.

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