Gifting Panerai Watch for Your Love

Since the 1940 s, 8-day power storage has become one of the distinctive features of Panerai brand, at that time it was just for the convenience that the Italian navy did not need to often wind for wrist watch when doing a long-term mission, to greatly reduce the outside pressure of task. Now this function still gets the favor of the public, and often saves the trouble on winding the watch, for the busy wearer it is very practical.

For the PAM00538, the bottom of the watch adopts the semitransparent design, which can show the precision technology and aesthetic feeling of the 2002/10 to p. manual chain movement incisively and vividly. This Panerai watch movement is produced entirely by Panerai, and the movement bridge plate and going barrel are both adopting careful hollow-out design, so that the watch aficionados can see the inside details through the sapphire crystal glass. The Gear rotating device which has the same color with the watch case regularly swing with the passage of time, when you are winding the watch, you can also see the rotation of the hair through the watch back, and all of these make a person cannot help praising the exquisite and magic watch-making technology of Panerai brand.

With the approaching of the lunar calendar in the footsteps, outside wanderer are anxious to return, and are looking forward to the moment being together with their family. Each brief reunion has the deep concern between parents and children. Time flies, but time and tide wait for no man, so we must cherish the time, and love each people we care in limited time, learn to Thanksgiving and return, and choose a Panerai as a gift for your darling in the Valentine’s day. Finally just in advance to wish you: Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Spring Festival.

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