Japanese Rolex Submariner Watches

Japanese Rolex Submariner 116649 Black Dial Green Diamond Watch
Among the Rolex Submariner series, the 116649 Black Dial Green Diamond Watch is made of platinum, and the middle links of the watch chain is engraved with diamonds, the outer bezel of this Rolex watch is also decorated with the green square diamonds to be extremely luxury. This Rolex Submariner watch is carrying with the Rolex homemade 3135 automatic winding movement, which is just as other Rolex perpetual movements, it has also acquired the identification of the Swiss official chronograph and has pass through the COSC test.

Japanese Rolex Submariner116758 Diamond Watch

For the Rolex Submariner116758 Diamond Watch, it is made of 18K gold, and its middle links of the watch chain is also inlaid with diamonds, the watch ear and watch dial surface are also decorated full of diamonds. The time scales are displayed with luminous dots, the outer bezel of the watch is decorated with red, blue and white diamonds to make it colorful and dazzling. Besides, the Rolex Submariner116758 Diamond Watch is also carrying with the 3135 self-winding movement that has passed through the COSC test too.

Apart from these two Japanese Rolex Submariner watches mentioned above, you can also consider the Rolex Submariner 116649 dense diamond watch, which is almost the same as the Rolex Submariner 116649 Black Dial Green Diamond Watch. No matter you choose the Japanese Rolex or the Swiss Rolex watches, the Rolex Submariner water ghost watches are surely great choices for the Rolex watch lovers, as there is a saying that if you are to buy a Rolex watch, you must own a Submariner watch to be a real member of the Rolex family. Yes, do not hesitate to have your own Rolex Submariner right now, your deserve to have it to show your unique charm!

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