A Comprehensive Guide to Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume In Birds of Prey

A Guide To Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume in Birds Of Prey

Birds Of Prey will be an American superhero film. Harley Quinn, who was originally a psychiatrist and Joker’s assistant the Joker for many years. However, following the events of Suicide Squad, she finally got free of the Joker. Birds of Prey is Harley Quinn’s story as she team up with Renee Montoya, Black Canary and the Huntress to save Cassandra Cain Titans Costume

The most amazing feature of the Birds of prey movie is the fact that Harley Quinn is wearing the most current costume, which can be bought from the QualityCosplay online store. Apart from looking gorgeous on stars like Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn’s golden vibe pants costume is also attractive and attracting girls who want to be the most deadly with the Harley Quinn costume.

This is the complete list of costumes required for an Harley Quinn cosplay costume in the movie Birds of Prey.

Bib pants

These striking golden bibs offer Harley Quinn a new look aside from the blue and red themes prior to. It could be a sign of Harley Quinn’s new life and adventure in Birds of Prey. These pants are made of satin weave with diamond designs Final Fantasy Cosplay Costume They’ll definitely help you stand out among the crowd of cosplayers. The pants feature high-quality metal buckles on the shoulders and shiny zip closure that goes throughout the front and separates the big front pocket into two portions. These pockets provide an important aid. The pants are constructed in a slim fit. They are fitted with thick knee-guards that are kept original.


Harley Quinn wears a shocking pink short-sleeved vest, that’s short to the breast. The vest is made of breathable cotton that resembles a workout vest style. You will be able to cosplay for the whole day in this vest’s ease of wearing. The vest isn’t just perfect for a Harley Quinn cosplay costume, with quality material and nice sewing, but also can be worn everyday.


They’re not often seen under the bib pants. But, denim shorts made from denim can be paired over the vest in an elegant style. The American flag was the inspiration for the red stars and dark lines. These are the original parts of Harley Quinn’s costume.


The ankle boots, with low heels that are designed to match the trousers, are covered in diamond patterns. You’ll be able to walk comfortably thanks to the soft inner lining. It will be professional looking in the Harley Quinn outfit.


This necklace is hand-crafted using skilled craftsmanship and still retains its original appearance. This necklace is so beautiful and is a perfect match with any Harley Quinn costume.

This chic and trendy costume will show your admiration for Harley Quinn. Get the Birds of Prey Harley Quinn costume on qualitycosplay.com now! The exquisite material and craftsmanship on it can make you appear more original.