NieR: Automata 9S Cosplay Costume Overview

NieR: Automata NINE Cosplay Costume Guide

YoRHa No. 9 Type S, was called short for NINE, delicate as well as gentle soul, mild personality. Although there is no attack feature, the body that has been increased in the investigation task, as a member of the Yulha army, which is understood for hackers in intelligence celebration, is a kind of mentally abundant performance in YoRHa.

This personality is extremely well-known in the video game and also is very popular amongst followers Hawkeye Cosplay Every youngster intending to go to some theme party or costume competitors tends to consider it a choice. As the main personality, this costume represents the almost all of NieR: Automata.

One of the most enjoyed and appreciated outfit of NieR: Automata NINE is its Cosplay costumes.

Here are some introductions concerning the costume details as well as additionally a means to obtain the appearance together:


The coat is the most outstanding apparel of the NINE, it not just can perfectly show the personality of the 9S, however additionally individuals who dress up are a lot more positive. Furthermore, the information of this jacket are very good, and the white pattern under the clothes makes the entire black jacket look good, constructed from top notch products.


Shorts are more convenient as well as comfortable for the NINE, specifically when he is combating Hawkeye Cosplay The quality of this shorts coincides as that of the jacket, and it fits perfectly. Not as difficult as you can see, but comfortable and also fit. When you use this pair of trousers, you can run freely and act freely.

Eye Mask:

The reason NINE puts on eye masks is due to the fact that they don’t see the true image according to the developer’s settings. Similarly, those girls of OP who wear masks are not suggested to level. So the eye mask is one of the most standard point for NINE. And also if you think it blocks your eyes, you can choose not to use it, that is your liberty.


The boots are black boots that can get to the knees in length. And the design is very unique, really appropriate, if you truly like the NINE personality collection. One of the most vital thing to acquire a boot is to be comfortable. If it is not appropriate, it will certainly be very lame. So we designed this shoe to solve these troubles, that is, the pillow is your comfort, as well as gorgeous.


The necklace is an ornament that holds on the neck of the 9S and has been very popular in the past. Certainly, in order to keep the integrity of the personality, you can be a little patient due to the fact that it is truly ideal.

Handwear covers:

The 9S personality collection is an extremely cool as well as good-looking person, so naturally black natural leather handwear covers are vital. When you put on this fit and also use leather gloves, you are the ideal 9S.


The 9S backpack can lug some basic and small points for him. Obviously, this is additionally the instance, we also prepared some little knapsacks to meet your requirements.

Go to a style party, Halloween or just have a NieR: Automata follower obtain together, you have your outfits prepared for this personality. If you purchase this collection of clothes, this will be a big shock for you, a great cosplaying journey.